"Melton has no equal in recording sea history."

--Clive Cussler, author of the Dirk Pitt/NUMA adventures

Buckner F. Melton, Jr. holds a doctorate in history from Duke University and a law degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He specializes in areas of national security history, including impeachment, treason, and constitutional war powers. His book The First Impeachment: The Constitution's Framers and the Case of Senator William Blount received national attention during the impeachment proceedings against President Clinton. During the impeachment Melton served as an advisor to several members of Congress and as a commentator for National Public Radio, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and MSNBC, and he continues to provide commentary in the print and electronic media on constitutional issues of national security. He is also the author of Aaron Burr: Conspiracy to Treason and A Hanging Offense: The Strange Affair of the Warship Somers. He currently serves as Distinguished Writer-in-Residence and University Press Fellow at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia.


What the critics have to say . . .

A Hanging Offense: The Strange Affair of the Warship Somers

"A superb recounting of a strange affair indeed . . . . Fine seafaring adventure, expertly narrated."



Melton writes "with verve, color, and . . . swashbuckling."

--Wall Street Journal

Melton has "the awed voice of a seafaring poet and the tenacity of a trial lawyer."

--Kenneth J. Hagen, Professor of Strategy, U.S. Naval War College, Monterey Program and author of This Peoples' Navy

Aaron Burr: Conspiracy to Treason

"[Melton] weaves a spellbinding tale of betrayal and intrigue."

--Publishers Weekly

"An engrossing account of the new American republic's first great treason trial."








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